Saturday, October 1, 2011

Poll Results #1

        This is a bit late, but the results have come in from my previous poll "Which Pokemon should be banned from its respective tier?", and it looks like a close race between the lightning god Thundurus and the moon duck Cresselia, with Cresselia receiving 20% more of the votes, making her the "winner".

                  Cresselia (from RU)- 60%  

                  Chansey (from UU)-0%

                  Thundurus (from OU)-40%

One of the bulkiest Pokemon in the game.
          While I do agree with Cresselia being banned from RU, I don't think it will happen just yet. The reason for her RU placement is mainly because she is potentially outclassed by the two pink blobs and also because Psychic is not an ideal defensive typing with Tyranitar and Scizor dominating OU, and Heracross and Escavalier running rampant in UU. RU provides a nice little niche for Cress, where she is no doubt the best physical wall among many powerful, but not too threatening mons. She also has Yanmega, Venomoth and Sharpedo to keep her in check with powerful Super Effective moves, though none of these likes being Thunder Waved. Overall, Cresselia is very annoying in RU, often times walling whole team types unless you slap a status on her, but I think that for the time being she will remain in RU. I'd prefer her to be banned, but let's face it, how long could she hack it in the upper tiers? 

Will Thundurus be gone from OU soon?
          On a completely opposite note, second place in the poll was none other than the ravishing Thundurus, argued by many to be too broken for the Overused tier. While more people wished away Cresselia from RU, it is very likely that the Bolt Strike Pokemon won't be residing in its current tier too much longer. With suspect voting underway this second, it is only a matter of days now before we discover Thundurus' fate. A lot of higher-ranked players believe him to be broken, and for good reason too! But don't expect this to be the last you hear of the Zeus replica on this blog. Should he remain in OU, I will happily write an analysis of him. However, should he be banished, I might just write a little Ban Review like I did when Garchomp was thrown to Ubers.

       Lastly, Chansey received  Zero (0) percent of the spotlight, garnering no votes in the poll and remaining, in your eyes, in UU for good reason. What I find interesting is that Chansey is much better now even than Blissey, but her usage keeps her in the lower realm of UU. This is good though, mainly because she is not broken, and probably doesn't need to go BL or OU, but can still be used in any of the upper tiers, in all of which she shines as a supreme Special Wall.
Chansey, as bulky as ever, remains a dominant force in UU.

        It will be interesting to see how the next few waves of tiering will go for these and every Pokemon. But my guess is as good  as anyone's right now. Will any of these ever be banned from their tiers? Will none of these? A little food for thought.

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