Saturday, October 29, 2011

Blog Update: New Posting Schedule

        In an attempt to bring more order and reliability to my blog, I have decided to enact an official posting schedule so that any of the readers here will know what to expect from me on any given day of the week. This schedule will be strictly weekly, so readers can anticipate particular posts without having to wait a week or two for the next one, as is the case right now.

It is my hope that this demanding list will force me to stay on top of things more, instead of leaving my blog dormant for days or weeks at a time. So, without further adieu, here is my new post schedule, in effect today (October 29, 2011).

Schedule for posting: 

Monday - Competitive Battling Spotlight: Ability (i.e. Regenerator, Levitate, etc)

Wednesday - Competitive Battling Spotlight: Pokemon 

Thursday - Competitive Battling Spotlight: Move (i.e. Dragon Dance, Earthquake, etc)

*Saturday - Competitive Battling Spotlight: Item (i.e. Life Orb, Choice Specs, etc)

This will provide a more organized, prolific structure for this blog, and I hope it will increase your enjoyment and the duration of your stay here. Also, please note that I will continue to post other non-competitive related articles, such as stories and artwork, on any given day. This means that these "Fun" posts will be in addition to the above mentioned schedule. Thanks for your time!

*An Item analysis will be posted every other Saturday, as opposed to a weekly article like the rest.

**This schedule is subject to change.

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