Monday, October 24, 2011

N's Story (awaiting tentative title)


          So the poll results are in (Would you read/be interested in a Pokemon Black and White story from N's perspective?), and it looks like the idea of a literary interpretation of everyone's favorite Pokemon anti-hero was generally well received!  Here is an excerpt of the piece, with a link to the full thread.

          Keep in mind this chapter is not 100% complete yet, so I'm open to suggestions as to how to do the battle scene (should it be a detailed, turn-by-turn battle or just a hazy flash-forward kind of thing to avoid redundancy of the two Pokemon beating the $%*# out of one another?). I've started work on the second chapter too, so let me know if you'd like to see it soon! Hope you enjoy.

The Speech 
            In the central courtyard of the gray town, two benches sat, warped by the season’s rainfall and covered in a haze of dust. They had been inoccupied for centuries, though their surroundings bustled and thrived with eager people all around them. Ideally, they came to serve as a landmark, and in their distance apart sat a flock of dark doves, pecking at worms and roots beneath the wet moss of the benches’ shadows. The birds’ coos were drowned out by the hum of peoples’ voices as they went about their daily lives. Some walked quickly through the streets, distinct as those who had somewhere important to be, and others tended to their shops and houses, sweeping and cleaning and scrubbing away as a dense morning fog formed above them. With it came a cold breeze that shook a nearby field of trees, from which a small brown fruit fell to the ground. Immediately a dark shadow, who had been lying underneath the tree, reached forward and picked up the piece. He stood up now and stepped out from the shade of the tree and into the gray morning, revealing a thin face with delicate features, large gray eyes and a mane of light green hair that swayed behind him as he moved.
           He stopped at the flock of birds in the courtyard, who now groomed themselves beneath the two benches, and broke the fruit into an even number of pieces, tossing one to each of them. They ate and gave thanks with soft cries of delight, looking up at the young man who smiled back. Read More

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