Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Pokemon Games Announced: Pokemon Black and White 2!

The official Pokemon site has announced the release of the newest set of Pokemon games: Black 2 and White 2. These two come as a large surprise for those (myself included) who thought the next game to be released would be Pokemon Grey. This means that there will be no Pokemon Grey, or, rather, these are the Pokemon Grey we were expecting. As these are labeled sequels (noted by the 2 after each name), it will be very interesting to see how the story and/or Pokemon develop. There is bound to be quite a few metagame shifts here. Will the story continue from where we left on if Black and White, or will it be essentially the same deal? We’ll find out soon.

Also, in other awesome news, Kyurem, the predicted Grey mascot, appears to have a quite significant role in these games, where he will be fused with Zekrom to make Black Kyurem and Reshiram to make White Kyurem. These images look very cool, and emphasize Kyurem’s importance in the games, but what of their technicalities? Are these fusions of Kyurem with the Black and White Dragons, or just some interesting forms? Also, how will their stats and/or typing change to fit? The coming months will be full of information regarding these games, and they are due for a June 2012 release in Japan (which is VERY soon) and an Autumn 2012 release in Europe and North America (this should be around September/October).

Black Kyurem | White Kyurem 

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