Saturday, November 19, 2011

Competitive Battling Spotlight #32: Move 2

            Today we look at the best scouting move in the game, argued by most to be the best move in the game, U-Turn.

What it does:

            U-Turn does 70 base damage and is of the Bug type. It also forces the user to return to its trainers, to switch places in battle with another Pokemon of the trainer’s choosing.  

*If the opponent faints while you use U-Turn, you will switch in your Pokemon first, then they will have the opportunity to send in something new after*

U-Turn vs. Switching:

            The reason this is such a good move is because it gives you the chance to see what your opponent will decide to do. By using U-Turn, one can ideally see whether the opponent chooses to stay in the battle or switch their Pokemon out for another. This allows you to switch into the appropriate counter/check for any given situation. In this regard, U-Turn is unrivaled in getting you momentum in battle.

            You be thinking, “Why use U-Turn when you can just blatantly switch your Pokemon out?”. U-Turn, however, is far better than simply switching your Pokemon out, for it allows you to see what your opponent brings in first.

The Escapists:

            U-Turn is a move that works best on Pokemon with a heavy offensive or defensive presence; those that force switches often. Also, a high Attack and/or Speed stat is ideal, but is by no means required.  For these reasons, U-Turn can be looked at as both an offensive and a defensive strategy.

Here are some of the best Pokemon at fleeing the scene:

By and by the King of using this move, Scizor, with its massive Attack stat, superb typing and ability to absolutely dominate with a Choice Band, can render the majority of the metagame immobile by utilization of U-Turn. As if all of that wasn’t good enough, Sciz gets STAB on it, making him essentially unrivaled in this strategy. Use U-Turn on Scizor with a Choice Band, Choice Scarf, or Life Orb equipped and you won’t ever regret it.

Though Ape’s usage has dwindled a bit since DPPt, it still remains an excellent U-Turner in OU with great 108 Speed and acceptable 104 Attack. Also, with STAB Fire and Fighting type moves striking fear in the hearts of many common Pokemon, Ape can predict a switch out and use U-Turn quite effectively to bring in something to deal with its new opponent.

Celebi is one of the most balanced Pokemon in the OU metagame at the moment. Its support movepool is phenomenal, which is enough to open up scouting opportunities by itself. Use this move on a defensive set with Leech Seed/T-Wave, or on a yet underrated Scarf variant, both of which can yield noticeable success.

Flygon was and is a superb U-Turn abuser due to its offensively-oriented stats and typing, and the prominence of its Scarf set. For these reasons, Gon remains one of the best scouts in the entire game. Though it was shirked to the UU tier in the beginning of Black and White, it still remains an effective team member for shuffling the opponent’s team around until you can find an opening to strike.


-Landorus; Fast, Powerful, and great typing make Landorus one threatening Pokemon with a Choice Scarf.

-Staraptor; Ideally the same as Landorus, except with a different typing. STAB Brave Bird and Double Edge along with Reckless and Close Combat for coverage emphasize the reasons Staraptor will be forcing switches and making use of U-Turn.

-Ambipom; Speed, STAB Fake Out, and Technician make Ambipom the perfect Pokemon for get-in/get-out offense. U-Turn optimizes this. 

-Archeops; A base Attack and Speed stat rivaled only by the gods make Archeops a very deadly Pokemon to force switches and scout with U-Turn. 

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