Monday, December 27, 2010

Scarecrow's Competitive Battling Spotlights: A look into the new Generation's Metagame

 With the introduction of over 150 new Pokemon for the fifth generation games, as well as a similar amount of new abilities, moves, and some altercations to a few old abilities and moves, it is certain that a lot will change from the competitive perspective. As an avid competitive battler (though not particularly an expert), it is with great excitement that I begin a new series of competitively particular posts, Competitive Battling Spotlights, that will reveal and analyze a number of features in the brand new metagame, as well as a few old ones that still stand. Furthermore, I will often times compare a new feature with a similar old one, as in the case of two similar Pokemon.

These posts will contain full information on anything ranging from:
1) New Pokemon and their influence in the new metagame. 
2) Old Pokemon and their influence in the new metagame. 
3) New Moves, who gets them, and their effectiveness in the new metagame. 
4) New Abilities, who gets them, and their effectiveness. 
5) Changes in old Moves/Abilities in the 5th Generation. 
6) Full team analyses of teams specifically made by me. 
7) Anything else that relates to the world of competitive battling in Pokemon Black and White.

Lastly, I would like to specify a couple of things. First, although I will be posting CBS (Competitive Battling Spotlight) frequently, I will continue to post articles of different Pokemon-related subjects as well (eg: an article about my favorite 3rd gen. Pokemon). Second, in these competitive battling-specific posts, any time I refer to "the metagame" I am referring to the "standard", OU (Overused) metagame at large unless otherwise stated. I typically follow the site Smogon, and therefore recognize their tiering system, but I understand certain other sites (Pokemon Online, for example) may have slightly different tiers at the moment. For this, I apologize for any confusion that may occur in my discussion of the "metagame". 

If anybody reading this has absolutely NO idea what competitive battling is, or is completely confused about some particular aspect of it, feel free to email, comment, or message me, and I will be happy to help in your understanding of the system and how it works.

Happy Holidyays! Happy competitive discussion!! 


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