Saturday, April 6, 2013

New Pokemon Channel and Blog Updates!

           Hello Pokemon trainers! It's definitely been a while, once again. I apologize for the extreme delay in posting on this site, I've been once again very busy with school and my personal life. A lot has definitely changed in the Pokemon world since my last post (both competitively and on the news front [X and Y]), but I'd like to assure you all that I am back now, and I hope to begin posting on here once again very soon.

          Additionally, there's a new Pokemon project I've begun called iStarlyTV on Youtube. I'd like for this blog and that Youtube channel to correspond with one another, so once I and the other iStarlyTV host begin writing articles for this blog, hopefully things will begin to run a lot more smoothly here.

          Anyway, go ahead and check out our videos here, I'm sure you won't be disappointed; there's something for everyone, ranging from competitive battles, to Pokemon News discussions, to Pokemon related talks and debates.

          Thank you so much for sticking with me through my inconsistencies and I hope you'll continue to stay through the duration of iStarlyTV's development. Head on over right now to take a look. I'll be seeing you there!

Best Wishes,


ps: Here's one of our non-battle videos to give you a taste of what we like to post:

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